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IIS 6: The Complete Reference 

Do you want to learn more about IIS 6 and Windows Server 2003?

Hethe Henrickson and I just completed our work on IIS 6 called IIS 6: The Complete Reference .

IIS 6: The Complete Reference is the most comprehensive book ever - covering programming and administrative topics. This book crosses the boundaries between server and administrators and programmers by covering topics relevant to both types of computer professionals.

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Get the Mariner Reporting SDK click here to download


.NET Framework and Interoperability - I wrote this article in June 2002 for Microsoft to help familiarize the IT manager with the issues surrounding interoperability as it pertains to various versions of Windows, Windows applications and the .NET Framework.

Using ESRI's MapObjects to Build Database Client Applications - An article about using MapObjects with a MS Access Database I wrote in 1998. It still seems to be a popular article. I also provide downloadable source code written in Visual Basic.

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Interested in ESRI's MapObjects? Please go To ESRI's web site.
I would recommend examination of the mapserver project

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