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I wasted 6 months of research in an effort to make use of a cheap PowerPC I purchased. I posted some questions to many discussion groups and as a result, I have been receiving many emails asking me what the results were of my questions so I thought I would *briefly* summarize my experience.

My Story

I owned the following machine:

IBM - RISC System/6000 43P-140
604e 332MHz

I tried Linux (all RISC 6000 flavors - Yellow Dog, Debian PowerPC Port, and LinuxPPC) and I was about to give up and put AIX on but someone offered me the right price for the computer so I sold it.

There were so many hardware issues about the various types of motherboards on that machine that Linux was a poor solution at best and it never worked on my machine. NT is no longer supported (last distribution was NT4, SP3?) on that chip and it only works on certain types (again motherboards on some models and not on the same model with other motherboards).

OS recommendation on PowerPC

I would recommend AIX.

You have to be very careful because the support for NT is based on one's ability to write in firmware to support the respective operating system you want to run. If you attempt to write the wrong version of firmware into the motherboard, it will fail. If the firmware update fails, your motherboard needs to be replaced.

Guess what happens when IBM makes a computer with the same make and model yet makes big differences in the actual hardware underneath the cover that can only be discerned from the motherboard's serial numbers? I tried to update the firmware unsuccessfully so that I could run NT and it failed even though I had the correct model. On further research, I found evidence in other discussion groups that suggests that there are only certain serial numbers that are supported and the evidence is all anecdotal.

IBM is not going to tell. They provide a great looking web site with studies showing that AIX is the fastest OS ever built.

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Last modified: 03 April 2001

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