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In a nutshell, I offer the following unique credentials, experiences and background:

I have been involved in more then a dozen significant enterprise web application efforts that consisted of 1 million dollars or more development effort. Among these projects, ownerconnection.com and Rapportnet.com, were the most notable. With over 10 years of programming experience, I have served in many efforts as a programmer and led most projects as a Senior System Architect and Development Manager overseeing design, code production and maintenance. I write code using C++, Visual Basic, JavaScript, SQL, VBScript, Pascal and JAVA on server hosts running Windows NT 4.0, 2000, and 2003 Server; Solaris; Redhat, Debian, and Mandrake Linux; and FreeBSD.

I have been a Technical Editor for IDG Books, HungryMinds Press and Wiley Press on such works as Microsoft Access 2000 For Dummies, MySQL Bible, Windows Game Programming for Dummies (2nd Edition), MySQL Visual Blueprint, C++ All In One For Dummies. Among my written works is a white paper for Microsoft called "Interoperation Using .NET" and an article about using ESRI's MapObjects in Visual Basic.

I earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Michigan State University in 1991 and obtained a Microsoft MCSD Certification in 1998.

For fee and scheduling information, please contact me via email at scott @ mapobject.com (remove the spaces between the scott, @ and mapobject) or phone me at 517-819-7843.

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